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Hydraulic Power Unit


Here, too, our motto is:
give us a problem and we'll find you a solution.

In other words, we will build the right hydraulic assembly for you - including the electrical control and PLC, if required.

Micro-hydraulic power unit, small hydraulic power unit, compact hydraulic power unit, standard, special unit or complete industrial plant hydraulic system
simple or complex control with manual control, standard (black-white-valve) elektromagnetic valve, proportional valve or servo valve characteristic
As a hydraulic power unit, filtration unit, cooling unit, under- oil-immersed hydraulic power unit, lubricating unit, or other type of operation
Operating pressure up to 1000 bar and higher
With flow rates up to 0.1 cc / rev up to 1000cc / U or greater
With electric motors or diesel/petrol/gas engines with power ratings from 0.25 kW to 180 kW or greater
Reservoirs 1.5 to 10000 liters and larger
Compliance with ATEX II, ATEX I (mining), intrinsically safe EEXi, with 3.1B certificate, TÜV tested, LR approval, GL approval or other approvals
With NBR, Viton, Teflon, Perbunan, Buna N or other seals
For media such as mineral oil (Type HLP, HVLP, HLPD etc.), water-glycol mixtures (Type HFA, HFB, HFC, HFD), biologigically degredable oils (Type HETG, HEES, HEPG, HEPR) and others

And, of course, we will carry out fitting and start-up on site.

In our modern production plant, which was planned and built in collaboration with the Leibniz University of Hanover, we take pride in providing the optimal solution for you in a cost-effective way.

Hydraulic Control Blocks / Steering Systems


We develop most of our control units in block design. Individual control blocks are available from one piece to series. These compact, rugged, pipeless designs are easy to install and save space.

To manufacture the valve control blocks, we use materials which tailor-made for the main factors such as the pressure, fluid and the environmental conditions on site.

Materials such as aluminum, standard or saltwater-proof, steel, hydraulic cast iron, stainless steel or other
With valve cartridges, DIN cartridges, built-in filter, ball valves, directional control valves or valves for flange mounting or Cetop in various sizes
simple or complex control with manual control, standard (black-white-valve) elektromagnetic valve, proportional valve or servo valve characteristic
Operating pressure up to 350 bar and more
Flow up to 1000 l/min and more
Dimensions up to 1000x1000x1000 and bigger
Weight up to 6t and more
komplex oder modular aufgebaut mit 50 Ventilfunktionen und mehr
Tested in accordance with ATEX II, I, ATEX (mining), intrinsically safe EEx i, with 3.1B certificate, MOT, LR authorization, approval or other approvals GL
With NBR, Viton, Teflon, Buna N seals, or other
For media such as mineral oil, water-glycol mixtures, biodegradable oils and other

Each component and the product as a whole are, of course, subjected to a comprehensive range of tests for functionality.

We can therefore guarantee that only the highest quality systems leave our factory.

Hydraulic Cartridge Valves


We have been widely appreciated as manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high precision Hydraulic Cartridge Valves. We offer these premium solenoid valves in various designs and for various applications. Our hydraulic cartridge valves are the known for their performance, robustness and dimensional accuracy. We are based in Germany and also offer customization of these hydraulic cartridge valves to suit your specific requirements.

Our range of product in this area includes:

Pressure relief valves
Pressure sequence valves
2-way and 3-way pressure regulator valves
Non-return valves
Flow-regulator valves
3-way priority-flow valves
2-way logic elements
Directional valves
Pilot valves and hybrid pressure-relief valves
Special valves
Load-control valves

The cartridge hydraulic valves which we use are also topquality. Because of the numerous versions of the individual types which are available, we not only fulfil all the functions required and also fine-tune them to the nth degree. Thus, extra leeway can be created for flow rates up to 1500 l/min or more, for example.

Benefits at a glance:

Improved system reliability
Simplified control
Fewer leaks
Savings in pipework costs
Savings in space and weight
Simplified services
Reduced assembling time
Decreased spare part storage

Hydraulic Cylinder


Based in Germany, we offer premium quality, high performance Hydraulic Cylinders in different sizes and materials to suit your requirements. As a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of preeminence of hydraulic cylinders, we offer to custom build these hydraulic cylinders to best suit your requirements. All our custom built hydraulic cylinders are engineered for precision and their performance and quality is unbeatable.

Specifications :

In order to realize the required functions, we have a wide range

of different sizes and designs at our cylinder production.

As a single-acting, double acting, standard cylinders, tie-rod cylinders, telescop cylinders
Made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum or other materials
The pivot bearings, plain bearings, pivot pins, thread, flange, plate or other fasteners
A kit with counter balance valve, shock valves, check valves or other valves
Special cased with flanged blocks before, premounted banjo-bolt-housings
Sensor, normal or adjustable cushioning, built-in limit switches
With 3.1b certificate, authorization LR, GL approval
With NBR, Viton, Teflon, Buna N seals, or other
For media such as oil, water-glycol mixtures, biodegradable oils and others

Standard models are used during the design stage where possible. However, where this is not possible, we can develop custom-made products for you. The environmental conditions are, of course, taken into consideration during the planning phase.

Electronic control systems


We offer the high-end proportional amplifier the Hydraulic Steuer Verstarke , made at our hi-tech facility using cutting edge technology. All our Hydraulic Steuer verstarker are custom built to match your requirements in terms of material used, design, sensors and controls and size. Made from quality material, the Hydraulic Steuer verstarker is known for its performance and robustness. We are an exporter, manufacturer and supplier of global standing of Hydraulic Hydraulic Steuer verstarker from Germany.

Proportional Amplifier :


1-channel to drive one proportional solenoid
With 1 power output, switch ON / OFF and ramp
Surface-mounted or panel mounted e.g. in dashboard or standard rail
Supply 12...30 V DC
Output adjustable 0-2500 mA
I min, I max adjustable
Protection against short-circuit/ overcurrent protection
Catch diode
Dither frequency adjustable
External release or locking possible
Factory software customization possible

For more information please call us directly.


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